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Patrizia Piras


< “Less is more” is a well-known concept, a minimalistic approach to the creative matter.

But when you work in hi-tech projects, e.g. biomedical devices, you start looking at things a little bit differently.

You feel like being in a multiverse, therefore you must have a “multiversal” approach. >


PS: we love this picture because we were so young ...

Paolo Bacco


< I’m not a pure engineer.

I’m not a pure designer.

I'm a mix of both and I work on the edge between ingenuity and creativity. >

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"Engineering & Creativity" is not a slogan. 

We design products since 2001, in a passionate pursuit of innovative and unprecedented ideas.

We take care of all the details in a constant partnership with the Client.


Rebeldesign provides the following services:

Product Concept and Design

Industrial Design

Research & Development

Product Engineering

Mechanical Design

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